New Year, New You!

by Hollywood
on 01-02-2017

New Year, New You!


With new calendar years, come resolutions to make improvements in one’s life.  For some it is getting in shape and losing weight.  Others want to eat healthier or cut our sugar/carbs/alcohol.  Many would like to get out of debt/save more money. 

Whatever you resolve to change this year, just know that Rome was not built in a day.  It takes time to develop new habits and get rid of old ones.  Accountability partners can help, and so can breaking down your larger goal into small goals and rewarding yourself along the way.

We want to help you get there.  We are going to offer you savings to incentivize you to reach your goal!  Here’s how:

·         Share your resolution with us and get 15% off your order!  Post it on our Facebook page and we will message you the discount code.  No strings attached!  Publicly stating your goal makes it more “real” and is the first step in holding yourself accountable. 

·         Tag your friends in your post or in the comments, and we will give them 10% off just because you tagged them!  How cool is that?? 

·         If you achieve your resolution/goal, we will congratulate you with a discount code of 25% off your order!!  That’s a huge savings!  You deserve to treat yourself for achieving your goal, and we are going to help you by saving you money!  Just comment on your original Facebook post when you have achieved your goal and let us know what you did to get there. We will send you the discount code for 25% off savings.  We will also feature you on our website to congratulate you – with your permission of course. J

Cheers to achieving our goals and making 2017 the best year yet!

 Keep sparkling,